29 June, 2017

The death of WCW by R.D. Reynolds & Bryan Alvarez

The death of WCW has become a title whispered in reverential terms by wrestling fans due to the meticulous research with which it is written. Originally published in the wake of one of the most spectacular business collapses in the history of entertainment, this book is a cautionary tale for any business that thinks it is too big to fail.

Utter the names Eric Bischoff or Vince Russo in the vicinity of professional wrestling fans and be prepared to stand there for a good hour or so, as they lecture you on everything bad about professional wrestling. The authors analyse these two men who were at the helm of WCW (World Championship Wrestling)  as it went from ‘uh oh’, to ‘oh ****’ in the space of two years, and cover enormous ground looking at the various reasons for WCW’s failure, and the desperate scramble to save it:

-Massively overpaid wrestling ‘stars’ (they actually hired people not to come to work!),
-Hilariously bad television programming,
-One of the most nightmarish corporate mergers of all time (-$54 billion in one quarter!)...
...To name but a few. What begins as a lighthearted laugh at ineptitude, tails off into head-smacking disbelief.

The writing style may leave some wondering what some of the terms mean, and I won't pretend that the authors are Truman Capote-esque (oops, I'm burying it a little). But if the terms ‘work’, ‘shoot’,  ‘mark’ and ‘kayfabe’ ring any sort of bell, then The death of WCW, is essential reading... Brother!

Title: The death of WCW
Authors: R.D. Reynolds & Bryan Alvarez

Recommended by James W, Māngere Bridge Library

Some of James W’s most brutal wrestling opponents: bills, tangled head-phone cord, regret, knotted shoe-laces (grrr), emotions, Ben from accounts, the meaning of life, cats…

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