25 March, 2013

Miranda [Laura, Central City Library]

Miranda Hart is fast becoming the second best friend I don't have (Jennifer Lawrence is still in the lead). I have come rather late to the Miranda party, but it's a party I feel everyone should know about and it's one I want to stay at for a very long time. This woman is simply hilarious and her eponymous sitcom is one of the best pieces of comedy to come out of the UK since - I'm going to say it - Fawlty Towers.

Miranda, like Fawlty, is one of few comedic characters who can make me laugh so hard I snort. The show's classic sitcom formula, excellent writing and acting are all refreshing; it's slapstick without being forced, charming without being saccharin, and heartwarming without being vomitous (I'm thinking about the later seasons of Scrubs, here).

The series follows the escapades of Miranda, a 30-something single woman who runs a joke shop with her friend Stevie. She barely tolerates her boarding school friends (including the fabulous Sally Phillips of Bridget Jones fame - she played Bridget's friend Shazzer but Helen Fielding based the character of Bridget on Phillips), avoids her marriage-minded mother, gets herself in and out of sticky situations (often involving the hilarious loss of clothing) and tries to win the heart of chef Gary (played by the lovely Tom Ellis).

If you're feeling a gap in your life with Offspring currently on hiatus, then this will fill the void nicely. Expect to find yourself searching the net for your very own Heather Small face-on-a-stick - or in the very least reaching for Ms Hart's literary work (after you've watched season two, of course). She'll be your new second best friend in no time!

Title: Miranda. Series One [DVD videorecording]
Author: Miranda Hart et al. 
Published: 2011
Publisher: Hopscotch Entertainment

 - Laura, Central City Library

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  1. I totally agree with you. Miranda is hilarious. This is the kind of slap your knees hilarity that I grew up watching with my father, and we both love this show.


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