29 November, 2012

Family Album by Penelope Lively [Rachel R, Tupu Library]

I actually both read, and listened to, the audiobook of Family Album. I cannot rave enough about it. Easy-reading, atmospheric with characters who are asking soul-searching questions and represent archetypical figures in society as well as a great balance of the author's presence and silence - this book is a great summer read.   Bottom-line of the story: It all starts with Mama and Papa. Allison loves the idea of having several children more than loving her children each as individuals; even her husband Charles seems more instrumental in providing her with children as opposed to being her life-mate. The story breaks off into the points of view of each of the six, the au pair Ingrid and lastly, the couple themselves. The base themes are that of family, secrets, loyalty, rivalry, favouritism; the entire storyline triggers nostalgia. There were moments so tender, so special yet so universal: of one sister pushing her other sister into a pond, that made me think back of a specific memory from my own childhood. Careless sayings made by a very bored father that made me reflect upon thoughtless things my own father would say to me. A highly recommended read.

Title: Family album
Author: Penelope Lively
ISBN: 9780753149362
Published: 2009
Publisher: ISIS Audio Books

  - Rachel R, Tupu Library